Monday, July 6, 2009


Eh i srsly thought things were getting better, but i don't think they are =/

Me and my brother are just too dumb for my mum to handle. SRSLYYYY. Like one day i think she's gonna just explode. I mean, haha ya my results like shit la but it's like sometimes i think other ppl are like that and their parents aren't like that O.O

But the bottom line is aiyo i'm damn dumb la so if i were my mum i'd be really, O.O and =O also.

EH. I also dunno if it's a good thing that i type all this on my blog, cos to me it's quite private. I mean i dunno if the issue is but it's one of the things i always think to myself and think whether i should type out and don't really say out la. But i like typing it out if not it'll be in my head the whole time and i'll be angry thinking abt all of it then i'll probably get a heart attack and die.

Ok i dunno if that'll make me get a heart attack but HAIYO. aahhaa

Was supposed to go 1U for dinner with Wei po, which my mum kinda didn't say no to.

Me: Mummy, tmr can go 1U dinner with wei po?
Mummy: What time?
Me: 7 like that.
Mummy: till what time
Me: After dinner la

See she ddin't say no also. But anyway today at 5 ish i told her leaving at 6.45pm and she calls.

Mummy: *screams over the phone*

hahahha the convo is stupid and i'm like dont go then dont go lo then she was like dont go! so dont go looo. I'm not pissed i didn't get to go but i dunno why she was so worked up over it.

I hope i never become like that. To me it's damn useless to get angry over it when u can just like, say nicely la. Don't have to raise your voice right =/ the wonder i do that when i get mad. YEEEER.

And everytime i get raise-voiced (no such word maan) at, i get so angry i get damn what and totally try to oppose the person. Which cos it's my mum is NOT study. hahah damn stupid.

AND. Sigh. U know when u apply for unis u put 3 preferences for which degree u want? I wanna put Architecture, bachelor of arts (media and communications) and probbbbbably, dunno what. But anyway, the point is, i don't see eye to eye with my mum on what i REALLY wanna do. I asked her abt the bachelor of arts ( i like event management and all la and like something that requires social skills) and she was like 'not good', 'pick a professional degree that guarantee got job for u d one'

She sd like difficult to get job la, low pay and all that. DUH the whole point of graduating is to go and earn lots and lots of money so u can afford a Wimbledon final ticket, but how can u do something u don't enjoy for the rest of ur career?

Ya, of course ur parents want u to come out and earn money, if not why would they spend so much money on our education? I can ALMOST say that i'm willing to study local (ok more like twinning) so that i can do smt i like more. Cheaper and i'll like what i do. Doesn't sound too bad. But there are other stuff that i don't feel like saying. Ok stuff like, overseas edu is better than local =/ Might not be totally true but HAIYOOO u know what i mean ( even if u don't i don't care XD) and i wanna explore other places!!! I like change la.

Spec maths ct3 worth 20% next week =(

Sparky XD

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