Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Maths was. Sigh. I wanted to score so badly =(


First time i saw a transparent leaf O.O
Went to Zen's Korean BBQ at Bangsar One. IT WAS GOOD.

Kimchi is like. Super. Awesome =D
The next day which was Sun (19th July) i went for the Jog for Hope event i was talking about.

Wa. Wan ru what are u doing. HAHAHA.

Like this picture =) Tjen, Wan ru, Ben.

Wan Ru and Ben.

Starting line!!! Flagged off at 8am.

Wan ru so scary =( AHHAHA.

Weng yee and Amanda!!

Me, Tjen and uh, half of Wan ru XD

Adrian and Wan ru. Congrats for getting 4th adrian!
Ben, Tjen and Nabil.

Me and Wei ken.

Ben and.. WHO AH XD

Ben driving me and Tjen to go eat Pan mee.

Ben and Tjen. IT RHYMES =D
That same afternoon i went to SPCA with ss, joanna, tze hong, harin, yit guan, eric , zhe kai and jun chuen. hahah it was fun, the drive there and back, and of course, THE DOGS =D

When we arrived.

Eric, Zhe Kai, Joanna, Harin, Tze Hong.

Eric, Tze hong and ss washing the bowls. MORAL PROJECT MA XD

Tze hong sure looks happy for someone who is scared of dogs. HAHAHA

PUPPIEEESSSSS =D =D =D They melt ur heart.


See tze hong stand so far away from the dog man. AHHA
Sparky XD

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  1. Hey girl_who_knows_all_my_KDU_friends,

    Thanks for coming for Jog For Hope! :)

    -Arty Chia from