Sunday, July 26, 2009


I cna't post pics up cos the ones in my camera not nice =( I will when i get them from carmen though.

I've known u for 10 years (and counting), which makes us sound very old. HAHA. I'm just gonna say that i know i'll miss u ALOT when u leave =(


Omg. There are SO many movies i wanna watch!!!

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal. So buff and scary =/

OMG ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!! I watched it alot of times when i was young. Actually i find it quite scary la, the cat and all. Directed by Tim Burton, i think it'll be quite dark =/ Johnny depp is scary. NOO. I hate it when the make up is like that. Anna Hathaway is the White Witch, Johnny Depp the Mad Hatter, Matt lucas as Twiddledum and Twiddledee, Helena Bonham Carter ( bellatrix from HP and sweeney todd's wife. Tim Burton's real wife) as the Queen (of hearts?).

Um, i couldn't find the poster for Jonah Hex. It's based on a comic. Starring Megan Fox and other ppl. haha.

Starring Leonardon Dicaprio. YEEES. I like all his movies =D I think my favourite is Blood Diamond. SUPER good show okkk.

Oops, phy test on wed. DIE.

Sparky XD

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