Saturday, August 22, 2009



So, after a surprisingly very quick omg-why-dont-we-do-this moment in the library, we finally actually went to Jogoya. ahhaha i love it when ppl make decisions fast and execute the plan also XD wooooooooo.

Went to pavilion and met up with tjen, nj and sl. hahaa i finally bought RED jeans!!! they were the pair i wanted the last time i bought my purple checkered pair. i'm so happy =D and i got to use my debit card for the first time! ahhaha damn bimbotic maan. me and tjen were like O.O in case it'd go *buzzer sound* ur card cannot be used. WOOHOO.

Since we were only going to Jogoya at abt 9 (the supper starts at 9.40pm), we hung around pavilion lo. Me and tjen went to forever 21. HAHA i've never bought anything from there before. the outlet in pavilion is HUGE. can spend the whole day there man O.O we (or should i say tjen) tried quite a few dresses. ALOT of dresses looo.

excuse the blurry pics k we had to make do with only us and a camera (taking us XD)

Me and Tjen outside pavilion at the cool lit up fountain.

hahah me and tjen in front of the 'sale' sign. damn sakai loooo.

Went to Starhill at abt 9.15pm.

And we took a pic in front of this tree-like thing. It was either that or tjen proposed we mimic the model's pose (on the wall).

Me and tjen in the lift. DAMN EFFICIENT OK. haha the lift reached real fast so for us to have taken a pic in the lift, hahaah.

When we got there, me and tjen were like O.O WHY GOT SO MANY PPL ONE?!

SEE?!?!?! we had to wait till 9.40pm before they started checking the reservation numbers.

This pic is weird.
I like fresh oysters but tonight i could only eat 3 =/

Hahah like xian hui sd, go jogoya must take the coconut XD

Me and tjen.

Our dining area.

I LOVE JAP CURRY. hahaha i didn't know tjen did too!!! awesome. it's nicer than our normal msian curry =D

Shiang Leng and nj.

Jessica and me on our phones. Talking to each other. HAHA NO LA. but tjen, nj and sl kept laughing at us cos both of us were like HUH, LOUDER and all at almost the same time. SORRY BEN.

ahhaha nice pic.

the hallway looks daaamn long from here.

Then we saw *drumrolls* HAAGEN DAZS ICE CREAM. ahhaaha. me and tjen were like O.O maaaan,

WOOOOOOOOO. they had quite alot of flavours somemore.

too bad it was blur.


MUAMUAMUAMUAHAHAHAHAH. ahhaaa omg overdone d.

Their desserts weren't very good =/ the tiramisu wasn't like tiramisu. i was SO looking forward to the honeydew MOCHI (i love gummy stuff) and eventhough the texture was chewy, the honeydew taste was really little and... ya.

Nj and his so called 5 mth pregnancy (it was 2 mths old before the buffet)

Shiang Leng and Nam Jhuen.
Me and Tjen.

Jessica and me.

Wei Seong and me.

Sigh, if only today was the first day of hols XD

Sparky XD

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