Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lame with a capital L


It's Merdeka day right, but IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IT. AT ALL. Ok publc holiday (WOOO), but like i dont hear ANY fireworks, i switched to the TV channels (NTV7, TV3, 8TV) and their like not broadcasting any merdeka thingy at the venue (or maybe i didn't see cos i changed after 5 secs), andddddd, OH YA ahahha like im QUITE sure everyyear i get like a few smses like abt merdeka and all, but this time i didn't get ANY.

AND, what is with the cars and the national flag?!?! I've only seen TWO cars with them okkk. Last year i swear i saw more than my fingers could count =.= I'm not saying their nice la haha but like why isn't anyone putting them now? My mum's theory is that last year they gave it out for free but this year cos of recession their not giving them FOC anymore =/

SO LAMEEEEEE. And maybe it's because i'm in college d and not school, i don't even see our national flag pasted....everywhere other than toilets =/

ANDDD, what type of lame celebration was it we had in Taylor's?!?!? I didn't even get to go cos our class was having our creative writing assessment =.= 1 hour of celebration for 52 YEARS of independence!??! what is this maaaan. they can't even have like a 'wear malaysia's colours day' or... SMT, ANYTHING to make Merdeka more special. lame maaaan.

Ok, im exaggerating la cos i srsly couldn't care less (HAHA XD) but like, srsly la, damn lame lo this Merdeka.

Or, it COULD be the fact that i spend Merdeka eve at home EVERY YEAR as far as i can remember XD

hmmmmmmmm, so i've been going out ALOT these past few days = not studying

NOT studying = DIE

sighhhhh. Hope Merdeka brings a whole new meaning and i'll take it as the start of.. smt

Sparky XD

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