Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I don't have the mood to blog d =(

I mean, what am i going to blog abt?

NOOO, my results suck, NOOO, we got 340867 tests next week, NOOO cannot celelbrate merdeka (haha), NOOO my friend is leaving (ok la this one can), NOOO trials in 3 weeks.

MY LIFE IS SO BORING. I mean, why would i want to blog abt the same stuff eveyrtime =.= YER.

I can't even send carmen off at the airport cos next wed we have phy test. ARGH. damn sad man.

jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:sorry i replied so slow
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:was emailing my college advisorperson from hotchkiss
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:DR eso
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:so cool
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:dr
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:ahahah
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:i hope shes nice
jewel_7501@hotmail.com says:she used a smiley in her email

guifenwong@hotmail.com says:ahhaha
guifenwong@hotmail.com says: means she's nice la =D
guifenwong@hotmail.com says:like me=D =D =D
guifenwong@hotmail.com says:iof she uses
guifenwong@hotmail.com says:3 smileys at onve
guifenwong@hotmail.com says:once
guifenwong@hotmail.com says:means shes SUPER NICE =D =D =D

SEE?! i have nothing to blog abt that i have to resort to pasting convos in my entry =.=

Our whole class should get twitter =D GO S1!!!! it's fun ok. and since most of u are alawys online, i'm sure u all will have fun spamming ur twitter XD

hmmmm, did u guys read the papers ytd? this italian guy won RM746mil.
HAHA I WANNNT. i can put like RM740mil in the bank, the interest will like be ALOT, then i can use the RM6mil O.O for like, 6 mths? RM1mil a mth, RM30K a a day? WAAAAA.
OR, u can spend RM1mil a day for 2 years. XD

Sigh, i wanna be rich, and swim in pools offf, WATER XD buy my own pool la! i think swimming in a normal pool is more fun than swimming in money. u can't even see through money =.= and no buoyant force also.

My aunty(maid) is going back on thurs till mon. Her mother-in-law died. I always wanted to post an entry abt maids. Like i dunno la i just think they should be treated better. Ok of course im' saying it cos she's been with me for 15 years la, but still, their living in ur home and all right.

I have no idea what im talking abt =.=

Sparky XD

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