Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesterday was a good day=)

My phy went quite well. I was like WHY THEY ALL SO GOOD ONE (joanna and yi xian who went before me) then i was like damn scared but yay it was ok =) cos eventhough i'm like really loud and all, im actually REALLY scared of speaking in front of ppl or having like alot of ppl direct their attention at me at once =/

AND, IDP had their AUS uni thing, and i went. AGAIN. again because i've probably broken the record of going to these edu fair stuff the most times. AHHA. I'M SO GLAD COS I SUBMITTED 3 APPLICATIONS D =D =D =D by myself XD was cool cos joanna tze hong and harin were waiting for me also. woohooooo.

I got new shoes also which is ALWAYS a good thing =)

Went to watch GI JOE ytd night also. haha i liked it alot. I'm an action pack movie person and i was like O.O at the actions scenes in the movie. I don't think u would want to sit next to me in an action pack movie cos i'd go WHOA and WAAA the whole time XD Sienna miller's american accent was cool, channing tatum was cute, nicole richards (scarlet) was pretty and there was humour which i always like =D 8/10 la. THE SUITSSSS. ahhaha. OH YA and the korean guy who playssss NOT snake eye. Baroness's sifu la. Cute XD

Tennis this morning was fun too like always =)

maybe i'll update later again.

Sparky XD

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