Friday, August 21, 2009

Bai Bai Carmen

She's leaving on the 2nd of September. DAMN FAST MAN =( Soon i won't have many friends left in Msia d. NOOOOO. Who's gonna throw ME a surprise farewell ='(

HAHAHA no i didn't mean that la=) But it's almost like pretend ure married, and ure old, and ur loved one dies earlier than u O.O

SO ANYWAY, her surprise (failed) farewell was ytd at her hse. NNOOOO it failed. AHHA oh well =) At least it was fun. Got to catch up with the ppl from overseas like LL, uncle wui yang and aaron.

Wan ru and Kenneth (who wore 2 layers of shirts =.=) DAMN HOT MAN.

LL and Genna XD


Pui Yi and Melissa. Dummies had to go home early.

Uh, matt. He took this pic of himself XD

Take 1. Sigh, kids nowadays. HAHAHA

Take 2. PERFECT =D i like this pic.

This one also =) Wan ru, me, Tjen.

Wa how come everyone look so nice one tonight. Carmen and Tjen. I dind't get a full length pic of u in ur dress carmen =.=

Aww so sweet. Tjen and Wan ru.

Me and Matt. We watched The hangover AGAIN. ahhaha it's funny. GO WATCH IT. get the dvd.

Nice. Matt and Wan ru.

Me and Calvin. ahhaha calvin was damn funny ytd!!!! My hair looks retarded here.

TJEN HOW U TAKE PIC ONE XD hahaha i know what happened.

Me and John.
Sigh, so eventhough the surprise didn't work, and STUPID ben replied (when we were going to sleep d) eventhough i told him NOT to reply (resulting in carmen going =.= eventhough i couldnt see her face in the dark, cos i didn't silent my phone and it went BEEP BEEP) and i went to tennis wthout carmen. IT WAS FUNNNNNNNNN.
Sparky XD

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