Tuesday, August 11, 2009


HAHAHAH me and tjen are in the library now, all disgusting cos we just finished the G5 amazing race. We got...


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. We weren't far at all from the second last team la but haha. Ok the good things abt the race were we met this team from S3 who are quite funny, the winning team kinda directed us sarcastically, the ppl were sorry for us so that let us pass quickly (HAAHHAHA) and it was quite fun la actually.

The bad parts were, it was tiring (which i will elaborate on after this) anddd ya that's all =D

I'll list down the things we had to do. All had clues leading to them la.

1. Go to C floor and find 6 hidden ribbons.
Oh we completed it quite fast la cos we very geng XD

2. Go to the carpark and 1 partner puts one foot in a bucket of ice and scoops up pebbles to put in her partners spoon (which is in her mouth), who has to transfer the pebbles to another bucket.
Oh this one quite easy also. I was the foot one and Tjen was the spoon one.

3. Go to the staircase leading to the carpark, 1 partner is given 1 spoon, scoop 1 scoop of water from the bucket provided and go all the way up to D floor and fill half a cup. Repeat the process until the cup is half filled.
I would say this one was the worse. Imagine going to D20 likeeee abt 5 or 6 times? HAHAHA.

4. The clue gave a hint: The donkey is too sick to eat.
HAHAHA this was what made us last. We couldn't figure out what it meant till like dunno how long =.= HAHAHA. D26 maaan.

5. Go 3.1 and try to imitate the wushu poses in the pics they provided. Complete 4 poses.
Me and tjen kinda had fun with this one. ahahahha the poses were quite cool and we got to hold the wushu swords. haha

6. Go to the cafeteria and make teh tarik and drink it.
Ok la my tarik-ing skills were not bad and tjen drank it XD

7. Go to D2 and complete a Join-the-dots drawing with 1 partner blindfolded and the other one directing.
I drew blindfolded and tjen directed. HAHA we cheated XD they sd no holding the partners hands so tjen moved the paper =D for a bit only la then we did it the fair way.

8. 1 partner stays on D floor and prepares to drop quail eggs to the partner on ground floor. Failing will require the partners to switch places.
I caught and Tjen dropped. AHAHHA i didn't catch any XD impact quite big lo and a shell piece flew into my mouth O.O hahah. They guy was like 'Aiyo no need la no need la tired d.' HAHAH

9. You are given 3 pics taken on the ground floor. Locate where the pics were taken and let the person in charge sign them.
1 pic was the netball thingy at the staircase at the carpark, the other 2 we asked ppl XD

10. Spit watermelon seeds as far as 200cm.
Uh, being able to spit that far means u're quite barbaric la so being the civilised and sophisticated ppl that me and tjen are, we failed la. AHHAHAHA.

We got certs for our efforts =D

can't wait for tmr!


OMGGGG. Ok i'm not annoyed anymore so i can't like vent but i just really like, annoyed.

Mum: pick u up 8.30pm ok?
Me: (at 6pm) oh actually i'm done but u can pick me at ANYTIME.
Mum: Means i have to fetch u now la (angry tone)
Me: No i just finished early but u can come anytime.

Situation 1:
I DON'T tell her i'm finished early, so when she picks me at 8.30pm she'll ask me what time i finished and i'll say 6pm then she'll go WHY didn't u tell me? Then u waste ur time here when u could be at home studying.

Situation 2(the one i did):
I tell her i end at 6pm so she has choice of whether she wants to fetch me earlier or later, THEN she goes and straightaway concludes i want her to fetch me home at 6pm when she doesn't want to.


AND after the Placement day on sat she DIDN'T MENTION anything abt me asking for my forecast results cos we agreed use my trials, then today like after school she tells me to go get it cos we need it by Fri(meeting RMIT or smt) and she was all, 'u need to:

1.Get ur forecast from ur teacher
2. Do u even know who to follow up with in Deakin from Taylors?
3. Ask ur teacher to write u the reference letter for ur accomodations by TODAY cos if not she'll only have thurs then you'll ge tthe same one as ur mid year.

Then, 'all is no right? when do u intend to do this? DAte and time?'
and i haven't agree to u going for famine weekend u know cos u have the test to do for RMIT bla bla bla.

I mean, i'll do the RMIT test BEFORE the famine (22-23 aug) DUH but she thinks i won't cos i'm a super procrastinator and doesn't know what's important but i KNOW this is important and i'm quite excited.

And she's all, u cannot play one cos u lose ur mind =.= and ur 2 days play become 4 days cos u take 2 days to recover. I DID IT LAST YEAR AND IT WAS NORMAL. and she gave some rubbish abt 'u lose ur voice cos u shout here shout there.' WHAT IS THAT.

I tell u, the F word has been in my head the WHOLE day which shows how pissed i am maaan. BULLSHITTT MAAAAN =.= And the Chem test did NOT help at all cos i studied and i honestly thought the test wasn't difficult because when i read the question i understood what the answer was abt, like i wasn't lost. BUT bullshit again, i panicked and i was like which is molar enthalpy and which is delta heat of combustion. collision theory and le chateliers principle. WTFFFFFF. i don't even use wtf. WTF.

Back to the nagging. I mean, of course partly my fault, but it's like she shoots everything at ONE SHOT.

Then she goes into the i-want-ur-break-to-be-hell talk. like 'no events during ur break ah u don't go here go there half day gone' or like 'u better study hard this break' or like 'don't think u can play'

Which i'm QUITE sure means no tennis, cos she'll say i'll be tired, no going out cos waste half of the day. DAMN STUPID. I'M NOT ON HOUSE ARREST =.= Ok of course there's a reason for her action, cos i always play alot one =D

I think i feel better now.


But not so woohoo cos there's no ice lemon tea and selling sprite and orange, sprite and ribena is not very uh, nice la.

Sparky XD

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