Sunday, August 9, 2009

So yesterday i went for the Placement day thingy at Taylors to looka t other Aus unis. haha i enjoyed meeting the Deakin representative, Greg cos he was funny!

Greg: You 2 MUST be mother and daughter! Both of you look so alike!
Me and my mum: Really? Alot of ppl tell us that but we don't think so.
Greg: I'd say sisters but that'd be too cliche.

I laughed quite alot =/ HAHAH. The Deakin architecture campus is like SO AWESOME MAN. WAterfront campus =D Then he proceeded with telling me abt why their good la, being in Geelong and all. One of the things he sd was that after living there for awhile u can tell that u've been living there, what with the bad aus accent XD, and aus fashion sense (which he sd is bad) AHHAHA

And he sd the greatest benefit to him abt the Deaking campus in Geelong is that they only have 500 international students, unlike Melbourne where you're in ur comfort zone with other Msians and all so u won't experience other cultures. Fine with me =)

And so far out of all the repersentatives i've met he sd, 'i dunno if this is a South East Asian thing, but...' After the but came his explanation of how at 9am, NO asians are to be seen, but at abt 2-3pm it's like a whole new Uni cos all the aussies leave and all the asians start flooding the campus.

Greg: And they start work at about 10-10.30pm? Am i right?

AHHAHAHAHAHA. DAMN FUNNYYY. Funny how the representatives they send can still make u want to go study there. Well, the architecture program there sounds good so we'll see =D

I know i'll probably, ok la DEFINITELY regret saying this, but i can't wait to leave Msia and go overseas XD I'm the type of person who likes change, and going to a country where it's sunny minus Msian humidity (except during summer) is AWESOME. AND, i think i'd enjoyed it more without ppl having to nag at me =/ Which is smt i'll miss la after awhile i guess, but for now no. ahaha

Still, architecture in RMIT is the best in AUS, but the selection process is, quite annoying XD I mean unis in UK probably have the same application process, but in Aus rmit is the only one i think. I have to do a design test and all, and interview la. But still, i don't lose anything trying =)

Sigh, i STILL don't understand why my mum gets so kan cheong over applications. Ok, i do la. Cos i'm the oldest and she's never done this before so ya. But I'M not kan cheong and I'M the one going, AND we haven't done our trials AND my mid term results sucked. But when i tell her she's all YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING WHAT SO I HAVE TO DO. aiyoooo. I want it to be over so badly. I'm glad i'm not like that, most of the time at least. Cos then i'd be on my toes the WHOLE time, damn stressful.

Like actually i kind of don't understand sometimes why ppl are so easily angered and don't think before they do stuff. Like i read this thing somewhere like 'every second u spend being angry, u lose that second being happy' Isn't it MUCH better to feel happy than angry? Being angry uses up ALOT of energy i tell u, and i know cos usually at home i get angry and it's not the most pleasant feeling la =/

And when ure happy EVERYTHING looks so much better =) like everything la. hahaha.

But i mean, u can't be happy all the time la, cos that means there's smt wrong with u. hahahaha. U'll definitely have moments where u HAVE to be angry and emo or whatever, but don't let it linger too long la.

That's why i usually try NOT to feel angry as fast as i can. Hahha i don't like force myself to be unangry fast, it just goes away whether i like it or not, like even when i REALLY want to stay angry. hahahaa. so yala.

And i don't like it when there're like conflicts btw friends or whatever. Fine, if ure like acquantainces (sp) or hi-bye friends, or not close friends, or the situation was REALLY bad then aiyo what to do, but if it were over smt STUPID, then PUNCH URSELF NOW if ure involved in a stupid conflict XD Eh shit means i have to punch myself (oh wait, conflicts with ian dont count XD)

I mean, the reason u ppl were friends HAD to be a good reason if not why would u be considered friends? So why would u waste ur time NOT talking to that person over smt small and stupid?! U might not be friends forever, and what if (touchwood) ur friend DIED before u got to settle it? DAMN STUPID RIGHT!?!?!?

Ok, i might go get stressed out and emo abt my chem test now XD

Maybe not la, i'll just go worry.

I was actually REALLY depressed last week cos of uni apps and my mum claiming she couldn't sleep and all, and that i wouldn't be able to get into any uni, but i dunno la, i guess i convinced myself i might as well be studying then thinking abt that.

Which is probably what ALL of u were thinking XD


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