Monday, January 4, 2010


Hahaha ok so i'm 4 days late, but Happy New Year everyone =D

2009 was definitely a roller coaster ride. I mean i never really experienced stress (much) or getting confused with my feelings while in sec school, but in 2009, attending college was like totally different. SAM was really tough, i met new ppl (super fun ppl), realised the world is super small, and worried like shit abt all my exams. hmm. i can definitely say 2009 was one of the best years ever and it helped me grow as a person lo. but i STILL don't feel 18. and going to uni.

Hope 2010 will be as good as 2010 if not better =D

I have too many pics to upload lo =.= that's what happens when u procrastinate XD

Me and Tjen at pavilion.

This was a restaurant at Ion Orchard, Singapore. (the pics below were all taken in singapore)

Omg i love this jap ice cream thingy!!!

YUM!! ahaha dark choc XD

This is my fav soba restaurant. At Paragon's basement.

I dunno how the ppl handmake the soba lo O.O i watch them everytime and it's like amazing.


ahaha the really long escalator at Orchard Central XD my mum and brother got soft in the knees. haha i think it could take u up 2/3 storeys. Open air somemore. but it was really nice la.

Decided to take the Flyer this time as well. It wasn't exactly worth like SGD2o, but i wanted to feel what it was like la.

U can even book like a capsule for dinner. Dunno abt the price though.

I initially thought u could only sit like 6 ppl in 1 capsule XD I don't understand why ppl would bring their babies =.= they don't even know what's going on, and prams nowadays ah, DAMN BIG LO. wheels so big, sit big. aiyo take up so much space =.=

We also went to try out this famous newly opened Ramen place ar Mandarin Gallery. Apparently they've only opened branches in New York and Singapore outside of Japan. And u can't make reservations. Hence, the line.

It was good. And the line moved quite fast so it was worth it la.

Ok this was on NYE back in KL. We went to check out this new restaurant on Jalan Nagasari (right behind Hotel Istana) called Chiaroscuro. Food was good. But the dessert totally ruined it =.=

I wasn't allowed to take pics of the food so yeah =( very sad.

This was taken today at LL's (lyn li) hse. Tjen and LL.

Nat and Wanru.

Tjen and LL.

Tjen and LL. AGAIN.

This 3 ah. THEY KIDNAPPED MY PHONE =.= to play bejeweled. i was so sad =( drain my battery somemore. awesome friends la. AND tjen and LL kidnapped it twice =.=

And we baked!! Choc banana cake. it tasted. YUMMYYYY =D

I'm so gonna bake it again. and hopefully present it better than this XD AHHAHA.

Ok this was taken at Bangsar on Sun. ME AND TJENNNNN =D

I so have to appreciate the month i have left in Msia =(


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