Sunday, January 10, 2010


Do i have to do blog abt anything special for my 100th post XD

I really have nothing to talk abt. ahhaha

Went for the SAM awards the other day. I actually dread sitting in halls and just watching awards being presented - no performances, just speeches - but haha dunno why i just agreed to Tjen to go XD I also dunno why i wasn't bored at all lo O.O and i didn't realise it until Jason was like omg it was so boring.

If u didn't know, the awards presented were for ppl who got 5As and/or a merit (A20).

*cough* OOI WEI CHUEN *cough* totally didn't know abt it. AND he kept replying my smses. WHILE HE WAS IN JAPAN.

S6 ppl. Justin, Chun Foong, Hong Yi, Pei Wen, Yong Scen, Jeremy, Voon Bing, Jason, Tjen and Choong Hern.

Um, eh i dunno the teacher's name XD S6's spec math teacher who's funny, Tjen.

Jason, Yong Scen, Jeremy, Voon Bing, teacher XD, Choong Hern, Tjen and Justin.

With Mrs Hoe. (mrs right O.O)

With Mr. Tharam (sp?) omg i damn FAILLL.

Ok i was just playing around with the the iPhoto thing. It's not THAT horrible right. hahaha. Jessica and Tjen =D


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