Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have i told the whole world i'm gonna be leaving on Feb 12th? See me before i leave ok XD

I know some ppl don't like telling la cos they like to be mysterious and when they've already left ppl will go OMG LEFT D AH. and also, they're not so siao like me wanna tell the whole world, i mean they probably don't have as many friends as me to be sad and say goodbye to XD AHHAHA JK LA. im not so perasan one. i think. ahha

I'm just gonna post random pics la.

Ordered it from eBay. i was SOOO happy =D but i think my obsession with Suju not so siao d =/ SO SADDD. cos i used to check their website like everyday and i used to YouTube like crazy, but now not so much. HOW?!?!?! *feels like the world is coming to an end* But i still get excited when their videos air on tv and and go NOOOO when i miss the vid. so ya XD


I dunno why when i upload the pics it doesn't look so good =/ it's so much clearer on my cam. hmmm.

Dad's gonna be coming over the week before i leave to see me =) awww. ahhaha. i sd to my mum, 'mummy, do u think if i ask daddy go sunway lagoon with me and go AHHHH he'll go with me?' she sd 'ya of course la' i laughed la XD and i was like 'shopping le?' (cos he always tells us not to spend money on useless stuff) and my mum sd 'ohhh can la.'

WAAAA like that damn fun lo when he comes back XD ahhaah jk la. i mean of course i like it when he's back =) but this time maybe slightly more fun la since he's gonna miss me. muahahahaha.

I'm blogging now cos i wanna feel tired before i go to sleep but it's not working =.= i have nothing on tmr and i don't wanna go out so i wanna wake up later than usual. and to do that i have to sleep late lo. BUT then i took a nap in afternoon =.= BUTTTT i played tennis in the morning and then basketball in the evening so WHY am i not tired =(

Eh i don't like it when i start thinking (and stare into blank space, alone of course XD) and then i get sad =/ very lame lo.


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