Thursday, January 14, 2010


hahaha omg went to college 2 days in a row to sell off my college books =.=

I actually sold them all ytd but i went again today for fun XD EH i had nothing to do at home also. haha and conning, oops i meant, honestly selling the books to the juniors was fun =D only when they ACTUALLY them from u la i mean.

Met some bitchy customers, spoilt kids, but gossiping abt them after was fun. ahhahah.

WALAO EH i was kinda worried my good friend would be in the same class as some KDU students at the Taylors Hartamas campus (SAM), and she is O.O WHY SO NGAM ONE. hahah and im damn mean la. i dont even know the kdu ppl personally but i totally judge them based on.. what i've seen and heard XD

AND AH, omg why this year SAM students SO SPOILT ONE?!?!?! Orientation day more parents than students buying books le =.= BUY YOURSELF LA. If someone like me can buy my own books and lug a box of them on orientation day U ALSO CAN LA. tsk tsk. parents think they so smart at bargaining somemore. U THINK MORNING MARKET OR PASAR MALAM AH?!?! ask for so cheap, say we waste 10min of ur time when we dont wanna lower our price to what U want somemore =.= (ok la he apologised after haha after Jeremy retorted XD)

Ok finished complaining d XD The feeling of successfully selling the books at a reasonable price is awesome though. haha especially after waiting outdoors for dunno how long for ppl to buy =.= everyone competing to sell somemore. hmm. SUNBURNT SOMEMORE. WALAO EHH.

I think this post is a little loud. Like i know u might be able to imagine me saying it XD I'd be shouting it out la. ahhahaha.


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