Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hahhaha joanna and calvin blogged abt badminton XD OMG i laughed at calvin's post hahaha damn funny =D

I've been laughing alot in the past few days. I have no idea why!! Like during badminton i kept laughing, and when i play bktball i laugh alot also, and today when i hung out with nat, wei ken and ben in the car i kept on laughing till my face was all red. I dunno la i mean obviously it's cos im happy right XD but then i think abt me leaving in like abt 2 weeks, and all i do is sigh.

It's like suddenly i wanna see all my friends so much, and hang out with the ppl important to me more often than ever.

AIYO it's quite annoying la i guess, when i'm like srsly happy and enjoying myself when i'm with the ppl i care abt, then when i'm alone at night or when it's raining i just start thinking abt how fun it was and how it's not gonna be like that in Aus and then i get sad cos i'm leaving =/

I guess it's normal for me to feel like this la, i mean ppl always get sad before they leave right?


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