Monday, January 25, 2010


My body aches from badminton =( haha.

Omg u ppl have to go watch tennis lo. I HAVE TO GO WATCH AUSTRALIAN OPEN NEXT YEAR I TELL U. But i'm almost 100% sure i'd prefer watching it on tv XD cos u can hear the commentary and u can see the players up close. I mean, the chances of me getting a super geng ticket is.. very low la. haha. But to see Federer anything also can!!! I mean, i might even get to catch him practicing at the smaller courts!!! SO CLOSE =D

Ok la random pics:

Took this like 2 weeks ago. SNOWFLAKE GOT NEW BOWLS!! ahhaha. I think customers broke too many of their ceramic (ceramic ah) bowls d, so they changed to the styrofoam one lo. No need to clean, light. I think it's much better =D

Went to Hard Rock Cafe at Concorde Hotel on sat with my family. ahhaha their nachos are the best man!!!! yum XD and their caesar salad is super yummy also. ahha. But the drinks are super expensive =( like a mocktail costs around min RM25. omggg.

Last Friday i had a reunion thingy with my KDU ppl XD hahaha omg we totally loved it lo. ahhah. come to think of it, we hardly have get-togethers. We decided to go Dragon-I, which made us feel even more family-like cos we kiu choy XD ahhahahaha.

It was dark =( and the flash shots weren't nice!! Stupid wei ken's hat shadowed his face somemore XD Wei Ken, Calvin, Joey and Nat.

Wei Ken, Calvin and Joey.

Nat and me!! (nat and i not nice XD)

Tjen and Wan Ru.

Wan Ru and me!!!!

Tjen, Wan Ru, Me and Nat =D

Ben and Matt (whose reputation as a camwhorer is growing quite rapidly).

Matt and Wan ru.

Hahhaa it was srsly fun lo XD Loved it. Planning on going Fatty Crab with them this sat!! WOOOOOOO.

Since wei ken just got his new Persona, and he wanted to eat dimsum, we went to DJ on sun morning for dimsum!!!

Matt and Wei ken.

Hahaha we ordered too much so we had to dapao XD

Poor Lauren was having a stomache =( Matt what kind of face is that. ahhahah don't kill me.

I was SOOOO (hahah ok la not so kua cheong) excited that tcw was coming also!!! Cos she and Lauren are currently having their a-lvls exams (HELP), they haven't been having out with us as much.

They were imitating Nat. I think.

Nat and tcw!!

Omg i look so bald =( Tcw and me!!!!

Ok i think this is a horrible post XD I'm in front of the tv attempting to multi-task by blogging and watching tennis at the same time. But im failing at both. hahahah.

Toot it's the 26th of January d. I'm leaving on the 12th of February. I STILL haven't tested out the small rice cooker and confirm whether i ACTUALLY know how to use the washing machine XD ahahahaha. omg it's like barely 2 more weeks!!!!


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