Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy bday to me XD

So my 18th bday has been the best bday, ever =D

Ok maybe it's because i had a dinner which was really nice and all (ok almost all) my friends were there =)

And also because, dunno la, i feel more loved this year XD AHHAHA really!!!! When the clock stroke 12 midnight this time it felt different from the other 17 times.

NOT that i could've felt much when i was young la but HAIYO u get it =.=

My neighbours even surprised me outside my hse at 12 midnight XD thanks guys!!!

So i woke up this morning and i ate tang yuen. TANG YUEN IS LOVE OK =D ahhahaha.

Buttttt, the rest of the has been a bore lo =.= I REALLY wanted chilli pan mee but then i couldnt get it, and ive been watching tv/napping. Yalo that's all =( so sad. hmm.

How is eating chilli pan mee once every 3 weeks 'addicted to pan mee'? My mum asked me why am i addicted to pan mee lo =.= I just like it!!! One of the things that i actually suddenly feel like eating. ahha. But i don't think eating once every 3 weeks is considered addicted =.=

To me the best thing abt turning 18 is i don't have to get paranoid abt watching a 18rated movie anymore XD ahhaha. I mean at pyramid was ok la but at 1u ah the ppl always eye me suspiciously. YAY. and next time if i go into a only-18-and-above-ppl place if they stop me i can SHOVE my ic in their face and say im 18. AHHAHAHAA.

ANDDD, ok this might not be that much a good thing but sometimes it comes in handy when my mum tries to boss me around in a im-still-a-child way XD i can go HA MUMMY IM AN ADULT D XD muaaaahhaha.

Oh, and yes i realise that everything i just typed just showed how NOT mature i am as an adult. hahaha.

When i was young and when i heard ppl were 18, i'd go all 'wa so old.' (and adultlike) but now that im 18, i swear i feel the same as when i i sd that lo =.= tsk tsk.

So i've decided to go to the University of Adelaide =) Im excited abt going abroad, but im definitely not gonna expect much in fear of reaching there and going all 'HAAA LIKE THAT ONE AH' when i get there XD

It's kinda only a month away before i leave though. Super fast la. Hmm. The first thing im gonna miss is the FOOD. AHHAAH. I totally live by the msian 'live to eat not eat to live' thing. Die la there no nasi lemak, roti canai (ok fine maybe they have but it's always nicer here XD), chilli pan mee, jogoya XD, cendol, popiah, kuey teow. AHHAHA OMGGGGG.

And duh im gonna miss the ppl =( But now there's Skype and emails so it'll definitely be easier keeping in touch right =D

Not gonna get all =( on my bday la!!! ahha i'll blog abt being sad next time XD


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