Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farewells suck XD

So ytd, 3rd of February, S6 (tjen's class) had their last gathering before most of them leave for uni. Started off with meeting up at KLCC before having dinner together. The initial plan was to have dinner at Full House, but due to the inefficiency of the staff (DAMN LAME LO. Neo called to book a room for 22, and when we went there to leave the cake they sd the reservation wasn't taken down and they were having a function for 150 ppl =.=) we ended up at Delicious (haha i love it XD).

ahhaha the butts XD

Wa, first Meyresh bought like 3 scoops of ice cream, then everyone started buying!! i so jealous =( couldnt eat cold stuff. ahah.

Nerashya and Meyresh. *cue awww*

Psycho durian ppl. ahha. Choong Hern and Jessica who's leaving tonight :'(

Sun Siew and Pei Wen.

Took some pics of the interior of Delicious in KL. Next to the US Embassy and Bombay Palace.


As u can see, we got a room =D so um we were A BIT noisy la XD

Huey Mian and Nerashya.

I'm srsly too noob at using cameras loo. I didn't know how to use this pin-hole function until choonghern started using XD FAILL. Justin, Me and Tjen!

Jessica, Choong Hern, Jeremy and Jia wu.

GASP. Can't believe justin actually finished his spaghetti lo srsly XD

Jason, Jia wu, Justin, Me and Tjen =D

Please, look at the bottom left corner of the cake XD SO COOL RIGHT. and i'm so jakun. I was like O.O when i saw justin and he was like 'WHAT are U doing here?!' awww i was so touched la abt the cake. By the way it was for Hong Yi's bday and S6 la =D

Mei Ji, Pei Wen and Jessica.

Jeremy, Tjen and Sook Ting.

Me and Choong Hern.

Umm. This picture ah. Choong Hern, Jessica, Tjen, Jason and Meyresh.

Me and Jessica. I'm gonna be sad when u leave la =( NVM we'll be in the same country still la XD

Jessica and Tjen.

Neo, Choong Hern, Yong Scen, Jeremy, Marcus, Justin, Jia Wu and Jason.


Sigh some of them cried ytd and i was like omgg ppl are really leaving d :'( so sad la. sigh. I'm not feeling sad abt leaving next week. YET la =.= It's gonna be so different living alone in Adelaide.


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