Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ok, so I was at viola class just now, and this aunty started saying:

'eh Jacqueline(principal la) is it true that if u want to transfer ur kid from kebangsaan school to private school the cocurriculum activity points will not be transferred?'

and I was like 0.0 I mean, to me the answer is why not? private schools and public schools have the exact same syllabus what, it's not like ure transferring from one country to the other =.=

'and is it true that if let's say my kid wants to go to uni after form5, since he's from kebangsaan school (public la), he cannot because his cocurriculum points are not counted? (cos he's from a public school)'


she sd she only found out today.

haha ok i srsly dunno anything abt that la but I don't see why public school cocurriculum points are not 'valid'. I'm quite sure we (public and private school ppl) get the same testimonial just different school name ma.

which leads me to another thing, I think alot of ppl have a misconception abt private schools =/ and their students.
eh I'm SURE i've typed abt the exact same thing. oh well XD

to me la, private schools are EXACTLY the same as public schools, except for the facilities, uniform, more activities, exposure and fees. we learn the same stuff in terms of syllabus, we take the same final exams. I dunno, I think some ppl think private schools have no uniform and we learn different stuff =/ maybe they mistake private schools for international schools.

and hahaha ppl definitely have misconceptions abt private school ppl XD I mean I don't think there's anything wrong with it, cos come on I think almost EVERYONE judges ppl the first time they meet based on appearance and profile (name, race, school etc) eg, if ur name was Chandler Bing I'd go ' what type of surname is Bing? *laughs hysterically*' HAHAHA that's just me though.
it's quite sad that usually the first impression made by private school students are 'spoilt, bratty, arrogant' cos MOST of them are not. dunno why ppl always remember the bad things =/ AND, there are alot of 'spoilt, bratty, arrogant' ppl in public schools also!!!

Like, say this philantrophist (sp?) spent his whole life doing charity but right before he dies he commits this crime la. he'll be remembered as the bad guy who died, not the man that spent his whole life doing charity. RIGHT? ahahha.

I guess, if I was in public school I'd judge, but I'm not, so I don't. because all my friends are not like that and we're all from the same school'

I hope my mum will let I hope my mum will let.

it's 9.30pm

sparky XD

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