Saturday, September 26, 2009

I just realised i've never bought so many clothes in a week before =/ dunno if it's a good thing or bad thing. good because i like them but bad because.. ok la actually no bad points XD

I guess i never really actually enjoyed buying clothes? Cos it's like the only time i actually bother looking at clothes is when i have to buy them for CNY. So it's kinda like the clothes they have on the rack THEN and THERE(usually fall/winter season) will be the only ones i'll see the whole year. But now it's like i enjoy it? Like somehow i like going into shops and seeing clothes and wanting to try them on. hahahah.


Now i know why Tjen goes crazy abt boutiques =) I FINALLY UNDERSTAND. hahaha.

I feel so enlightened =O

But i HATE it when i always do a double take on something i bought =/ Like if i want it to be special, i DO NOT like it when i doubt my choice =/ ARGHH. Like i'm scared i'll regret it la.

WHO'S GOING FOR BEYONCES CONCERT?!?! I'm quite im' going d la =/ I know, OCT 25, damn close to finals. sigh. but i really wanna go la. who wants to go with me =( cos if not i have to go with her mum and her friends O.O not that i really mind cos i'm not one of those ppl who like HA GO WITH MY PARENTS AH?! NOOOO. but i think going with friends is DEFINITELY more fun. like when i went for the Jason Mraz with Tjen, Wanru, Carmen and Tcw, AWESOMEEEEE.

Did u know Fernando Gonzalez is going to be in Starbucks KLCC on Mon 6pm??!! COOOOOL XD not like a fan fan but like still cool if i get to meet him =)

The Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past wasn't as good as i expected it to be. I read abt ppl crying abt it and all. NOT THAT TOUCHING ALSO =/

I can't wait to watch Sunshine Cleaner. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt (i love her). Same directors as Little Miss Sunshine. Yes they only direct shows with the word Sunshine in the title. JOKING. It's abt this family who start a business cleaning up crime scenes and they somehow actually help the victims get through the incident too. Hope it's nice =)

CLASS. U ALL BETTER BE GOING TO PROM. pls pls pls bring the ticket money asap to class =/ we don't wanna be sitting ALLLL the way at the back do we?

I'm sleepy.

Sparky XD

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