Saturday, October 17, 2009

SO yesterday, on the 16th of October, me, calvin, wei ken, matt, lauren, ch'n-wen (tcw) and wanru went to Bangsar shopping centre (BSC), Alexis to have lunch to celebrate Matt and Tcw's 18th birthday.

I'm still thinking like 'HUH 18 d ah?' It doesn't feel like we've been friends for what, 6 years d. We're getting old i tell u.

I really have to learn how to take pics of food properly =.= it doesn't do them justice by judging them based on the pics. It doesn't even look nice. hahaha. I ordered this Nasi Istimewa Alexis. Realised i don't really enjoy this kind of rice and combination of things.

The birthday kids. AHHAHA. I really like this picture =)
Wei ken!! ahahhaha we all like his hair XD

Calvin and Matthew. so barbaric.

Tcw and Lauren. The only HELP ppl among the 7 of us. hahaha.

Wan Ru and me.

The guys.

And the girls =)

=D I'm really glad that we've been good friends since form 1 =) (ok la calvin form 2) haha.
Sparky XD

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