Saturday, October 10, 2009


Please ignore the fact that i put 3 posts worth of pics in 1 post XD I just wanted to get it over with =)

Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) at night. SO NICE =)
So like i mentioned, i went for S6's lantern festival thing and Broga Hill climb last weekend.

First, mahjong at the Ooi mansion(choong hern's hse) XD HAHAHA. Yes i was very sad cos i didn't (and still don't) know how to play mahjong.

Tjen, Chun Foong and Jessica.

Justin, Yong Sen (sp) and Choong Hern outside playing uh, another version of mahjong? =/ haha sry i srsly am not sure. But the tiles were different. And the game got 'EH I DIE ALREADY!'

Me and Jessica.
I swear, it's getting harder and harder to take nice pics. OR, we're just more fussy XD I mean, the last time no digital camera right, so u'd only take 1 pic of the subject, instead of 6239463986 ones and picking what, ONE? haha

The guys starting the fire. It kinda drizzled so we didn't go to the bbq pit.

'WHERE'S THE CAMERA???' HAHAH. They wanted to get Justin with the smoke on top of him and all. He looks so... ancient=old XD jk la, more like, a revered figure XD

Argh, chose the blur pic =/ lazy to upload again. Voon Bing, Kai Zong (sp), Ling Keat, Chun Foong (sitting), Jia Wu, Pei Wen.

Tjen, Choong Hern, Jessica.

S6 - missing some ppl. Oops there's like a dust particle on Voon Bing. Sorry!

+ me XD

Havent done this in SO long, at least with a big bunch of ppl =) Walked around the neighbourhood. Was fun.

Group pic!!!

They were toasting to, everything XD
The way back to the Ooi mansion was filled with Moonlight Resonance, cantonese dramas, and debate over the best looking TVB actors XD
The ppl who sleptover were Me, Tjen, Jason, Voon Bing, Chun Foong, Jeremy, Jia Wu and Ling Keat. Apparently Neo came back at 2 ish (am!) after going home or smt. We all went to sleep at 1am and got up at 4.30am. hahaha we were late XD
Choong Hern, Voon Bing, Chun Foong (3 only right?) drove the rest of us to Broga Hill. *salute* i was sleeping in the car XD
Got there around 6 ish. Then OFF WE WENT.
Pics on the way up.

When we were on the 1st peak. Yes there were like 4 or 5? like after we reached the first there was another one behind it, and behind that one was another one, and another one, u get it =)

Ok, so there were altogether 10 of us who went hill climbing. Me, Tjen, Jason, Voon Bing, Jia Wu, Ling Keat, Neo, Jeremy, Kai Zong, Choong Hern.

Tjen and I.

Hahaha. Kai Zong, Ling Keat and Choong Hern standing, Jia Wu and Jeremy sitting.

Kai Zong, Jeremy, Choong Hern, Voon Bing, Jia Wu, Chun Foong, Ling Keat and Neo.

This pic was cool cos the rocks were like stairs =)


There were alot of ppl climbing Broga Hill that day too. Some ppl brought mooncakes XD
HAHAHA I LOVE THIS PIC XD Jeremy and Kai Zong.

The guys.

Group picccc.

Me and Tjen. My eyes are small enough, and their even smaller here O.O 3.5 hrs sleep ma =.= HAHAHA.


Another group pic =) This is nice.
Yes, the ONLY time you'll EVER see someone bring their brush up while climbing the hill. XD HI TJEN =D

Jeremy, Choong Hern, Chun Foong (I ALWAYS call them wrongly =.=) and Neo.

Tjen and Jia Wu were mimicking models who were nearby XD

Chun Foong and me.
Oh ya and we found the Selangor and Negeri 9 border XD. SEE WE WERE IN 2 PLACES AT ONCE XD
Phew, wa so many pics man.
Ok bai bai =)
Sparky XD

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