Friday, October 16, 2009


Ok, so, yes it's what everyone always says to me, of course i don't deny it, and i am! but like, WHY do ppl say it?

No, this is not a I HATE PPL post, it's just smt i've always wanted to type abt, and not just replay it over and over again in my head.

Like, is there something wrong with fat ppl? haha. Why do ppl have to say it to ur face? isn't it like a super known fact that weight issues are VERY sensitive to ppl? Especially to girls. U see celebrities get shot down with all these mean comments and you're like 'so mean.' but don't ppl do it all the same?

Eventhough it's been happening to me since FOREVER, and i'm definitely used to it, i wouldn't say i'm numb towards these type of comments. WHO WOULD? it's almost like saying ur first love will never mean anything to u after 5 years =.= ok that didn't make sense XD

So, i mean srsly la, why do ppl do it? No one's perfect, but why do ppl always pick on weight issues? (actually weight issues are not the only things ppl pick on =/ EVERYTHING is. height, hair, clothes, speech, u name it. hahaha but i'm only gonna say weight issues la cos it's a highlight XD) does it make ppl FEEL better? do ppl think it makes the person their picking on feel better?

Everytime i think abt anything, i always put myself in everyone's perspective, so that i kinda get a gist of what each pihak would feel abt that thing. As someone who was neither teasing or getting teased, id be thinking 'why would ppl do that?'

I dont understand why ppl would laugh along also =/ like if ppl saw their friend being treated like that, and they KNOW it hurts them, why do ppl laugh along? (Shouldn't they be standing up for their friends?? ) No one can say they've laughed along before, cos it's all part of growing up, and there's nothing wrong. I mean u can't always go 'EH dont do that la.' or 'stop it' or else ppl would call u a party pooper and wouldn't wanna be friends with someone who doesn't wanna joke around right?

I guess for joking around and teasing, there has to be a more forgiving side. and of course i mean the picked on side! if not it'd kinda be a one time thing right =.= tease one time, cry, end. Ya of course it's just fun and play, but does it mean if the picked on side DOESN'T give in, the person gets relentlessly teased for i dunno, FOREVER?

Everyone has only so much patience and tolerance, and no, i have not reached mine (i don't think i should be the one who has to let ppl know when it happens, ppl have to learn themselves right?) , EVERYONE will, trust me, it only take so much to break that oh-so thin thread. I dont want this to be abt me. I mean of course the reason i'm typing this post is because it's smt close to my heart, but i want it to be addressed as general as possible. Hence, 'ppl' and 'their' instead of like 'you'.

Respect. Don't ppl have to respect each other? family, friends, strangers. Ppl allow themselves to get teased, thinking 'maybe if i'm nice and give ppl smt to laugh abt, they'll like me' or 'aiyo, tease only la, playing around only ma' or 'if i make a scene, nothing will be the same again.' or 'later they dont talk to me already.' U get the picture.

Ppl allow it to happen, because, if it happens so often, what will happen if it stops? What is going to fill the space that was once filled with mockery, jokes and all? I'm sure ppl cannot help thinking 'if it stops, what if there's nothing to talk abt?' of course, there can't be NOTHING to talk abt, but come on, why would thoughts like these even cross ppls' minds unless, unless their constantly being teased?

How does respect come into the picture? It doesn't. Don't ppl deserve respect? How can ppl be friends if they don't respect each other? how can ppl be a family if there is no respect among each other? How do ppl SHOW they respect someone, i don't think it's by picking on someone's flaws, or just picking on someone, for that matter =.=

And what happens if one day the thread DOES break? I'm pretty sure things will NEVER be the same =/ But if ppl never see the thread break, how will they know when it's too much? When will they realise that everyone has their pride, and ppl can't just keep bringing it down? MARUAH DIRI. Ring any bells?

Oops i think my tone is getting higher. SHIT SARCASMMMMM. hahaha. no that wasn't funny :(

AND, why do ppl think they can just go up to ppl and say 'you're fat.' or 'your nose is funny.' or 'you're flat.' or 'your balls are small' (HAHA)? WHY? Do ppl do it because of their insecurities? Just because ppl laugh it off DOES NOT mean their hearts suddenly light up and glow in the dark (LAME XD), it just shows they can't be bothered with addressing your bluntness and having to explain that what you're doing is clearly not nice =.=

I don't think the best way to bring up sensitive issues is through bluntness. I mean you can't go 'ok, so your daughter died.' or 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?!' YOU JUST CAN'T =.= it's plain mean and NOT understanding at all. What if what the person wore had sentimental value, what if it was her/his fav piece EVER, what if the child was EVERYTHING to that person? EVER HEARD OF SUBTLETY?


Anyway, never take ppl for granted, never assume you know someone ( i don't think anyone can actually be figured out, sadly =/)

Next time ppl pick on someone, they should look at themselves in a mirror =.= NO ONE'S PERFECT OK.

And, after reading this, PRETEND YOU NEVER READ IT. It's one of those things i don't want to be addressed abt because i just needed to express myself, and i don't need anyone telling me if i'm right or wrong =.=

Ok la, tjen, carmen, BEN, tcw, wanru and nat can :) and no i don't mean u ppl have to. ahhahaha.


Sparky XD

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