Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do u think u cry more when ure watching dramas when ur troubled?

Can u say that some things aren't meant for everyone?

Like, ok now probably ALL ur friends who are the same age as u are studying right? Cos we're meant to? I think academic stuff and.. non academic stuff have the same weightage in life, but not on paper la. But, why is it that not everyone is meant to do the non academic stuff? Why is it so one-sided?

Does being good academically make u better than other ppl? Of course u get more respect at first, but if that's the only thing ure good at, a bit lame la =.=

OMG THIS IS SO CRAPPY =.= im probably only writing it cos im not studying XD

And, i really find it very sad that my dad doesn't care abt anything other than studying(ok la not until like THAT but...) . Like when i tell him abt smt i really like, and am really excited abt, like abt smt that makes my day(but like when it's close to exams), all he says is

'ok, but did u study or not?' or 'aiyo, u didn't study?'

then i don't feel like telling him anything d. and then after that(like a week or more?) he'll be 'how come u never tell daddy one?'

Like why can't u be happy for someone? It's not difficult right? the only thing u have to move are ur lips =.= Don't ppl know all the little details matter?

And how well can parents say they know u? hahaha ok i admit my mum knows me well XD but like, still, i don't think any parent REALLY REALLY knows their kid. so i really don't like it when they go 'U THINK I DUNNO U MEH?' and proceed with shooting u with all the bad things they know abt u. Then for example they ask 'WHY?' they always think they know why =.=

Who sits down and actually talks to their parents? Like tell them abt what's troubling them? (no it's not a WHO THE HELL does it question, im really asking) I don't. Like i don't think i've ever done it. and maybe i've been forced to a few times. NOT COUNTED. I really wanna know who does it. And how?? I dunno la, i find it suuuuper difficult to actually say what i feel =/ i think it's cos i find it soooo, bleh. AIYO I DUNNO WHAT IM TALKING ABT LA.

I tell u, it's finals that are getting to me la =.=

this is the crappiest post ever.

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