Friday, November 13, 2009

Omg, it's over.

Like, we've been working all year for this, and it's over.


It feels so much more different than SPM.

But im quite sad la. emo actually. this is one of those dai sei posts that i wanna write cos i feel better after i let it out.

Like ytd i was emoing abt today O.O i imagined not being able to do the paper, and leaving the hall feeling super shittyy and sad and like the world's gonna end, cos i won't make it to uni. YES.

But then the paper was better than i expected (cos i really had no expectations), and i left the hall feeling better than i thought i would've, but then, tjen and all the smart ppl were like 'TOOT, bla bla bla' like they were gonna die and i was like 'eh if the smart ppl think the paper was shit how can i think the paper was NOT shit?' NO i didnt get smarter and i know cos haha i know how much i studied, and even if i DID study alot, the paper would definitely still be harder for me.

So, that left me scared for feeling good =/ like there was definitely smt wrong lo.

SOOO, yeah im like OMG there's nothing to do now except fun stuff, but im scared :(

Scared of the moment i click on the mouse and see smt that makes my heart drop.

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