Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SO, hahaha im watching tennis now. FAIL

Alot of us have been talking abt whether or not we should go to prom. Ok, reasons i WOULD go:

-Get to see girls in pretty dresses with their hair and make up done.
-Get to wear a nice dress (if i find one) and get my hair and make up done (HAHA hello, once a year ok)
-Get to finally see students who are ONLY from SAM (ok this is NOT a relevant reason cos i wouldn't go if u told me this is why i should go)
Omg i'm running out of reasons d =.= and it's 4-1=3 THREE reasons only.
-IF our class ppl go, it'll be like a cool formal outing for the class =)
Get to be excited abt the WHOLE thing XD like OMG I FOUND A DRESS, OMG MY HAIR SO COOL, OMG MY MAKE UP SO AWESOME etc.

Reasons i WOULDN'T go:



-Might not be worth the money (what am i talking abt my prom last year was NOT worth it =.= and i still went and i would to see everyone)
-No one in class might go.

That's all i can think of with my mum's nagging voice 2 feet away from me =.= ARGH.

Had a gossip thingy quite recently. Ya we were wondering 'what if ppl are somewhere else talking abt us also?' for me, if i don't like that person, i don't care la. But i actually don't really have a person that i SRSLY don't like =/ as in, ya i talk abt them and it's definitely not nice things but there is no one i would like NOT talk to because i have such a strong dislike towards that person.

In other words RIGHT, i don't hate anyone but hahahha YALA.

ANDDDD, ya and honestly speaking i do care abt what ppl say. But i haven't heard anything la XD so what i dunno won't hurt me. At least for now =)

I mean, i don't believe i say so many stuff abt ppl and ppl don't say stuff abt me right =/ i mean it in a bad way.

ANDDD, u know like we always look at mags or whatever, and we go EH HER NOSE CROOKED, or like her legs are fat, orrr her eyes not leveled bla bla bla, it's like, SO INSULTING!!! im such a hypocrite =/

I mean, imagine urself there and ppl say stuff like that =/ and the ppl usually in the mags are there for a reason. like, cos their PRETTY RIGHT?! hahahah.

Just a thought.

I'm loving the US open right now. SOOO many upsets. ahhaha dramaaaaa. I think i like kuznetsova and serena are my fav female players. Cos their funny XD kuznetsova likes shoping and she listens to cool music =P serena is funny!!!!! ahhahaha. Oudin not familiar enough yet, but judging from Tjen, i might die if i start supporting oudin permanently XD

Sparky XD


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