Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's start the post with pictures of:

HAHAHA yummy chocolate brownie from Delicious XD

This is one of the kittens i saved yesterday. SO CUTTEEE. (i know ure loving it tjen XD)
Posted pics from my trip to Singapore!!!

Subang Airport. They've really done up the place man. It used to be quite rundown but now it's so nice!!! Come on, the ceiling has pretty glittery lights!!!

Nothing like starting of the trip with starbucks =) I think the safest caffeine drink to take at new cafes is their Caramel Macchiato. Don't think it'll go wrong.

Muahaha Banana Chocolate Chip muffin!!! I suggest u share it. haha

GUESS WHAT THAT ISSSS!!! To me it looks like a selection of paints.

Their actually powdered coffee beans that can be popped into the Nespresso machine above.


Oh and i only found out yesterday that it is a Nestle product. Hence the 'N'espresso. hahaha cool.

Somehow this year's Mooncake Festival in Malaysia doesn't seem like such a big deal =/ Dunno why. But as u can see, at Takashimaya, it's a totally different story. SIAO MEH so many ppl buying mooncakes.

I'm almost certain a little kid could be trampled over and killed =/
Went to Ion Orchard for dinner. The new mall is awesome!!! A lot of new brands man. But it was really crowded O.O

Food was good. Fast and fresh. But i didn't really feel like eating cos

of this. I KNOW IT HAPPENS and WHY am i taking a pic of it but like she was RIGHT THERE =.= i mean it wasn't even like at the corner of my eye!!! it was like, THERE. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

It's blur cos i didn't wanna stand there and like *click*. Ppl would be wondering 'why is this girl taking a picture of the toilet gender sign =/' Why do they need to put FOUR signs for each gender? One sign not enough meh?

Royce is a chocolate brand from Japan. Trust me, their chocolates are THE best. They have a shop in Isetan KLCC. It literally melts in your mouth ok. Their shop in Ion Orchard was really cool. All white as u can see.

This is the cocoa fruit. I wonder how they get the flavour from it =/ do they mash it? Do they boil it?

On a TOTALLY different note, this is a Tuna. ahhaha. And it cost $S9000. hahahah yes.

Because it was SO BIG. siao maan. they cut it after and sold it as sashimi.

At Ion Orchard's food court, i found this. AWESOME maaan. i had to try it.

They have quite a wide range of flavours. They actually like mix stuff in your ice cream and serve it in a waffle cone or a cup.


This is how Ion Orchard looks like at night. From one of the sides that is.

This is how it looks like during the day. NICE RIGHTT.

My cousin insisted that we try this.

It was actually really nice. ahhaha. like sweet but salty. ahha u have to try it for yourself.

This was the cute japanese girl who was on the same flight as us. SO CUTE.
I watched The Ugly Truth and Whiteout when i was in singapore. Whiteout was ok but there were like so many loops in the plot =/ Singapore rates The Ugly Truth PG16. And they don't censor the F words and sex scene. Malaysia rates it 18SG (sg ah) and i bet they censored the F word and cut off the sex scene.
I really enjoyed the trip =)
Too bad it's already Friday =.= ARGHHHHHHHHH

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