Thursday, September 10, 2009

I skipped college today... and i'm here blogging. HAHA FAIL AGAIN.

i find it so lame that ppl always say how their gonna fail their trials and yet their not studying.


u know there are some ppl who like believe in fate? to me i think it'd be easier if u believed in fate. like, everything happens for a reason (hahaah i've seen it in movies) like u can say 'oh shit i knocked my car, but eveyrthing happens for a reason so i might be getting NEW CAR!!!!'

hahahaa ok maybe not that but like i dunno la then u'd be blaming fate for eveyrthing!!! like u'd be thinking u can't change anything cos it's fate. like no hope d cos it was meant to be.

i have no idea where this is leading to but i know i just wanted to say smt abt it =) and that of course we shouldn't always be all 'maybe it was meant to be' cos i mean we can always change what's YET to happen right?

if only i could say 'EH im not studying, and since everything happens for a reason i might strike a RM476mil lottery next week and NEVER have to study again!' XD

Sparky XD

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