Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Omggg the easter break is almost over :'(

And i haven't done any work. HAHA crap. I only haveee 4 days left of my holidays O.O OMG SO LITTLE. im super scared now :( and u must be thinking 'waa wanna die d still wanna blog.' hahaha yes i totally deserve getting nagged at XD but eh srsly lo, it's so difficult to START doing it :(

I dunno whether it's me being homesick or whatever, but all i feel like doing now is sitting in front of the com =/ as in, i don't feel like going to the kitchen, i don't feel like cleaning up (ok everything is NOT dirty ok haha), i dont feel like doing anything T___T

I dunno laaa, like at first i thought 'omg die d when i go aus, cannot take care of myself', then when i came here and everything was ok i was like 'eh quite easy lo.' but then now i think im kinda like 'what am i doing?' GAHHH. omg i have no idea what i'm talking abt.

I would post abt smt else, but i guess i dont wanna talk abt it =/

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