Monday, May 3, 2010

So i woke up this morning, and i felt like crap =.= ok MAYBE it's because i only slept 1.5hrs on sat night, and i was up the WHOLE day ytd in uni for my elective. but i dunno la haha. it wasn't the omg-im-so-tired crap though, it was more likeee, im all alone and i dont have anyone? I DUNNO WHY. srsly. i wanted to not go uni and mope around, but ahha of course i still went for class:)

still fell asleep in lectures though =.=

I guess the day turned out better than i expected. ok i dunno why i didn't put a :) after that sentence. OMG i have no idea what im talking abt O.O but yala point is it turned out better. i guess that wasn't enough?

i have like another major assignment due next mon T_T omg my powerpoint skills super noob lo =.= and im worried the CD i burn cannot play in the uni's com cos mine's a mac =.=

do u think PMS could stand for permanent menstrual syndrome O.O

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