Friday, April 23, 2010


Ok it's been a really hectic week? srsly. like i slept at 4am on mon and tue, 2am on wed, and 5am ytd. finishing up my work. ok laa last min XD but still! sigh. i thought i'd feel MUCH more relieved after surviving this week, but noooo. next week's gonna be even worse. ahha. like i have a major assignment due on wed, a site analysis due on the same day, a field trp on fri, an assignment due on fri, AND to top it all of right, that same weekend, i have to be at uni form 10am-4pm on both sat and sun doing a individual task. OMGGGG. srsly. and they sd first year is easy? that means next year die d lo!!

Feels good after cleaning the bathroom XD ahhaha. gonna make tiramisu at night? like midnight night hahaha. hope it'll turn out well. at least tmr i have leon's hsewarming and a dinner :) maybe i'll loosen up abit? cos yea i've just really only been thinking abt uni haha.

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