Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just watched Masterchef :D hahaha too bad they don't have it in msia XD it's like a super awesome cooking show lo!!! and they totally bring tasting and eating to the next level O.O next level as in when they talk abt u can kinda um, tear? AHHAHA. but it's srsly cool la!!

So it's already week 8 in uni. WEEK 8 ALREADY WEI. siao. so fast!! i mean it's already may!! O.O soon i'll be back in july, then go back to uni, then end of the year d. omg!!! freaking old d lo! haahha ok im thinking too fast XD i mean im sure i'll be super busy with assignments and all lo =/ hmm.

this entry super lame lo O.O and it's super msian sounding. i dunno why ahhaha.

Oh it's starting to get cold here. like 15C during the day cold? and the winds here are, strong. but there are still ppl wearing shorts!!! srsly psycho d XD SOMEMORE i waited 45min for the bus =.= it's supposed to be every 15min ok. almost died in the cold hahaha.

and i dunno how many times this is going to happen to me, but i guess it's kinda like a wrong place at the wrong time kinda thing? but in my case it's um, wrong person at the wrong time? ahahahaa. ok i don't think that made sense. i mean, usually (ok slightly more often than 'usually') when i wanna meet someone, or wanna get to know someone, or ok la to be more general, when i want smt, and i TRY, like i really try to make it happen, it DOESN'T work?? most of the time i just end up getting disappointed =/ haha.

but when i stop trying (ok no completely stopped, but more like i 'go with the flow') it kinda like, goes the way i wantED (because like when i stop trying means im not interested in getting it d ma) it to go! srsly. i mean it's a good thing la in the end, but STILL, i mean it's like totally different from when u wanted it to happen than when, it's nice when it happens? DO U GET IT?? ahhaha.

ok gtg do assignment. BAI:D

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