Monday, February 8, 2010

2 IS better than 1 XD

Ok today is already tue so i'm super behind time, but Sat was the BEST DAY EVERRRRRR =D =D =D

I think most of u (cos most of the ppl who read my blog were there XD AHAHHA ok la im being perasan) know that my friends threw me TWO surprise farewells!! hahahaha. omg omg omg so awesome maaan. ahhahah.

I srsly couldve gotten a heart attack from both lo XD like i thought i was gonna go fishing in the afternoon to celebrate Nat's bday, but it ended up to be a surprise farewell for me and matthew and there wasn't fishing :( hahaha. and Nat made such an awesome awesome funny vid of me and matt =D

THEN after i left, it was abt 5 ish la my parents say wanna buy bak kua wo, so we went to SS2 and then back home. I didn't expect anything la duh cos i just had a surprise at nat's hse and if i did it would mean im perasan XD but the stuff i noticed that were different were:

-When we almost reached home i was like 'eh how come my neighbours car is near my hse one?' (cos he NEVER parks there and he doesn't live on that road) but it was like oh maybe the other place no parking la

-Then my mum usually parks the car in the porch, but she was like 'oh since we're going out d park outside la' but it was like so cloudy and it was gonna rain so i was like 'huh but like gonna rain wo' then she just sd touchwood.

-Knowing me, i was too lazy to take the bak kua out of the car, so my dad took it from the back car seat, but i dunno why la my mum was like kinda hurrying him and he looked so kan cheong!!! and once they took it they hurried into the hse and i was like, O.O ARE WE IN A HURRY?? but they didn't answer, then i took my time to go into the hse la.

-Oh, and i wondered why the grills were like open (the one where u can look into the living room), but i was like maybe my aunty was cleaning it.

-Got into the hse and my cousin was watching tv, which is what she does all the time XD but then the kitchen looked quite weird la. Like the small fans were on, and it looked kinda still O.O REALLY. then i saw 2 pairs of legs wo, indicating there were 2 ppl sitting on the floor behind the kitchen counter. i was like 'oh maybe it's my brother andddd' i just thought it was someone la XD

then omg when i went further in and my college friends were like SURPRISE i think i almost died lo. AHAHHAHAA. then i can't remember if i turned and saw my neighbours who were in the dining room first or saw my sec friends coming down the stairs. then my face turned super red and hot XD SRSLY SUPER SURPRISED MANNNNNNN =D =D =D

Nat, i srsly dunno how u did it but it was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so awesome!!!!!!!!! thank u so so so so so so so so so so so so much =D =D =D =D =D =D =D =D

And of course thank u everyone who came!!!

Oh and u can go to Nat's blog to read more abt it la XD


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