Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Been in adelaide for 4 days.

Annndddd. Firstly la the place is NOT ulu XD like the shops are all really nice and colourful!! HAHA really. like all the buildings look NEW ok srsly. like even the church or the uni's old buildings look new k!!! i'm like lazy to upload the pics one by one here on my blog so it's on my fb account XD

I was really depressed on the first day =/ like i was thinking 'HOW am i gonna live here for a week, let alone 5 YEARS??' but it's getting better now la cos i know some ppl and i don't feel like i'm alone and gonna suffer and die here.

OH did i mention i live in The Village (always reminds me of that stupid show) which is under the University of Adelaide? I got a townhouse la. AND, i HAVENT seen any of my 4 hsemates?!?! but i know they're all asians cos i stalked their mail, and i know they cook cos the kitchen is filled with their cooking stuff XD oh ya, so quite lame la, i come into the townhse and go straight into my room =/ cos the only 'gathering' place is the kitchen which is on the 2nd floor!!! cheh.

AND DAMN WTF LA THE PHONE PLAN =.= dont wanna talk abt it d. sigh.

hahaha and i haven't eaten any western/korean/jap food since i got here. chinese everyday XD ahhaha. i've been to the same restaurant 3 TIMES D in 4 days!!! ahahah. i mean it's nice la.

ok blog another time.

and i waited for shou yee for an hour today. and he ddin't show up XD think he got lost or smt. and i couldnt call his hp and he didn't have credit =/

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