Sunday, December 20, 2009

So olddd

So i celebrated my bday a D'Italiane Kitchen, Jaya 33 ytd night =D

I haven't done smt like this in awhile cos im always
- Worried abt layaning ppl
- Lazy XD

But this year i was like, aiyo do la!! ahha cos it's my college year and it'll probably be the only time i'll get to celebrate it with my college friends while we're still tight =D

Oh, and i always celebrate my bday on my bday. So this year it was different. And i kept telling ppl NO it's not my bday today, but thanks XD ahhaha. and i was thinking whether or not to open my presents. Which i did XD ahhaa

Ying Zhen and Melissa. They're my neighbours =D

Ch'n-Wen (Tcw) and Wei Ken. Sec school ppl =D

Really nice, real, fragrant flowers XD ahhaha sry very jakun.

Tcw why u smile so big?? hi lauren =D

Joanna and Jitve!

Melissa and Nat =D

Oops sry yz XD

Tcw and Lauren =D

Um, restaurant. ahha

Wei Seong and Tjen =D

Wei Seong and Benjamin =D

Calvin and Wei Chuen =D Calvin, STOP cracking ur fingers on my head!! Or anywhere on me for that matter. ahha

Calvin, Wei Chuen and Nam Jhuen =D

Um, siao ppl XD

Me =D

Me and Tjen =D

Tcw, Me and Tjen =D

Love this pic!!!

Would've loved it if the flash wasn't so, flashy. XD HAHAHA ok la bright.

Mummy, Me and Ti Ti. OMG cos my cousins were here (on my mum's side there are 3 pairs of us, each pair 2 boy 2 girl, and the girl is always older la), we realised that all the older sisters call the brothers, Lao Di, Ah Di, Di Di. ahhahah we never noticed until ytd O.O i find it cool la ok!!

Closer than normal neighbours!!!

Me and LL =D

College mates!!!


Thanku thanku thanku thanku thanku to everyone who came!!!! Im so glad u all were there =D hope u guys had fun ok!!!

ps. i don't listen to TVXQ. AHHA


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