Sunday, December 13, 2009


Ok so it's been awhile since i last blogged XD

EHHHH super lame, i thought our results were coming out today (ppl i told, don't kill me XD) but ok now it's confirmed to be released on:

Wednesday 16th Dec 8.30am (South Australian time)

I wouldn't say i wasted ytd thinking abt it, cos i wasn't cooped up in my room or anything, but i was definitely thinking abt it while i was doing every other thing =.=

So last wed i was bored and i wanted to bake since i haven't baked in a long time, so i attempted an Opera cake recipe XD hahahaha damn ambitious.

Honestlyyyy, to me it's not bad la XD for a first try attempt. hahaha.

MUAHAHAHA. i STILL haven't done a post on Suju. They're SUPER AWESOME. *swoons* They just went to Taiwan and Nanjing. Why aren't they coming to Msia to promote their 3rd album =(

Oh ya the other groups from the same company (SM Entertainment) are soooo cool =D I didn't like SNSD at all when i first heard 'Gee' but hahaha now i think their ok XD i mean not a fan but ok laa. Oh but i like SHINee (it's pronounced shiny-yyyy XD) and F(X)!!!!! Their quite new. SHINee debuted last year and F(X) only debuted like a few months ago.

Another band from YG entertainment, Big Bang is also super cool!!!! Their songs are not super Kpop-ish, so maybe even ppl who don't like Kpop might like them =) They're from the same company as 2NE1 also.

I have like 66 favourited vids in my YouTube account. and u know shows have like abt 5 parts per episode? I only favourited the 1st part. haha awesome.

My mum's umm daisy. (it's a daisy right)

YAAAA JAP FOOD IS THE BEST!!!! Unagi, with a poached egg. *YUM*

I just had to put another one XD

I honestly think 18 is VERY old lo =( No im not hinting XD eh i get damn paranoid talking abt it cos later ppl say i lansi keep hinting ppl. And im NOT hinting by saying im not hinting. haha


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